Our Story


The quality of personal charisma, magical talent, and the ability to lead a charmed life.

Our philosophy is right in our name. Our indigenous principles guide everything we do, and we believe there’s a connection between how you treat your body and how charmed your life is.
Feel your best, look your best, and lead your best life. 
Body. Beauty. Mojo.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring bodies back into balance with the environment. It starts with taking out environmental toxins. Then, your renewed energy can be cycled back into the world for positive change. Because when you feel better, you do better.

Our Founder

Yvonne Mock Robertson is a sports and injury massage therapist, and a native healer. She is indigenous on both sides of her family, from the American and Canadian Northwest, with a mix of African heritage from her grandfather. Her clients include companies like Cirque du Soleil, olympians and sports legends like Michael Jordan, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Charles Oakley and entertainment royalty like Maria Shriver, Debbie Allen, Robbie Williams, and Kelly Ripa. 

When the pandemic hit, she knew it was time to turn her formula into a company and bring the IMC method to the world. Body Beauty Mojo is an expression of the earth-based spirituality of Yvonne and our whole team. We love that our products are the pure medicine of the earth. We actively seek to minimize our footprint, give to environmental causes, and employ women of color


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