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My body, mind and spirit all needed a detox cleanse after this year - and so I turned to Yvonne who is my guru in all things - and tried her Body Beauty Mojo. It is the easiest cleanse I’ve ever done - and delicious - and I feel energized and recharged. And want to do it again soon!

Marissa Hermer, Bravo TV Star & Restaurateur

You can literally feel your insides being cleaned out. I felt more energy, less bloat, my skin cleared up and I had the internal feeling that I was doing something good for my body. Anyone looking to shift their digestion, lose a little weight and feel better about themselves needs to try this amazing new cleanse. 

Lacey Stone, Trainer (Feat. in "Revenge Body")

After taking the cleanse for a couple of weeks I noticed a significant improvement in my recovery after intense workouts. The decreased soreness was on day 1! Other positives included decreased daily stress levels and decreased nasal congestion. For me, these two benefits are likely a result of improved digestion and decreased acid reflux, respectively. I’m definitely going to keep this up for at least an additional two weeks!

Ford Kirschenbaum, Biotech Antibody Scientist

I found the cleanse to be very effective in cleansing my body of toxins in a gentle way. After the second day, I began to feel energized and my skin was glowing! Doing the work I do as a shaman and medicine woman, it’s important to be in harmony in mind, body, and spirit. This kept me glowing and flowing on every level. I love it!!

Sarah Eaglewoman, Shaman and Medicine Woman

This cleanse program was incredible! So easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. As someone with chronic digestive issues, the program made me feel so light, energized, and rejuvenated. A truly transformative experience. I can’t wait to do it again!

Alexandra Ezralow, L’Oreal Corporate

I wanted to restart my system and this cleanse helped me do  exactly that! It really was the push,that I needed and the results  were amazing. My whole system felt cleansed from the inside  out. The thing I loved was how easy it was to incorporate into  my  lifestyle. I didn’t get hungry or feel like I needed to cheat at all !

Elsa Collins, Founder of “This is About Humanity”

Once I tried this cleanse, I loved it!! I started it because I had an infection and that went away faster than I expected. My skin was clearer, and I had much better sleep. Honestly, I felt better overall.

Mesha M., Catering Director

I loved that I felt like I was adding something very nutritional into my body and my diet. Drinking the little clay drinks each day was really fun, and they actually taste really good, so i look forward to them! Right from the get go, I was sleeping a lot better. This is huge because I teach fitness. Usually, at the end of a day of sweating and running around, I feel depleted. The fact that I slept better made a world of difference to me. I woke up with more energy, my skin was better, and my body felt better all the way through, over and above the benefits of looking great at the end of the cleanse. I really loved it!

Gabrielle Chow, Tracy Anderson Method Fitness Instructor

I’ve been battling an injury for approximately four years. I was living day by day under all these layers of pain to the point that I thought I would never be able to enjoy life again. I truly believe that the universe sent me Body Beauty Mojo! This cleanse has given me back my LIFE! It not only reduced my inflammation by about 70%, it also cleared mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. I feel like it’s a complete body, mind and spirit overhaul. I’m now on my third cleanse. Body Beauty Mojo really is a lifestyle! 

Virginia Romero, Aesthetician

The biggest benefit was the energy boots. I didn’t feel lazy or slumped and I just had an urge to get up and jog or do push ups. As well I just totally was not craving any carbs or sugar like I normally would and I lost about 8 pounds just from the two weeks.

Andre R., Student

The cleanse was a great way to reconnect with myself. Even preparation for the cleanse — buying the recommended nutritious foods and planning my meals — made it a pleasantly grounding experience. I was prepared for it to taste funky, but was surprised when I drank my first cup! It went down smooth and had a subtle mineral-y flavor. Over the course of the cleanse, I felt clearer headed and more even keeled. My favorite part of it all was how fantastic my skin looked and felt!

Mwende H., Director of Communications at The Sustainable Economies Law Center

I loved how easy and thoughtful this cleanse was... I will DEFINITELY do it again on repeat.

Kelly Styne, Artist

The cleanse was very easy to follow. I felt energized and focused. It really encouraged me to drink a ton more water and try a vegetarian diet, which I very much enjoyed. The clay tasted great and was simple to prepare. The herbal supplements were very, very effective. I felt light, full of energy, and noticed I was sleeping better. I would definitely do this cleanse again.

Delphine V., Entrepreneur

I loved the cleanse. It was quick and easy to do.

Katie Goodwin, Director of Entertainment Relations at Valentino

I love how easy it is to incorporate the clay in my daily routine. I’m not a fan of diets, but I DO like and need to cleanse. So this was perfect for me. I felt it gently pulled away toxins by lining my gut with the clay and minerals. I felt energized, clear headed and light!

Leonor Varela, Actress and Author