The science


The IMC system does more than flush the gut and aid in weight loss. Edible clay is the most powerful detoxifier we know. It tackles inflammation, and then it absorbs heavy metals, radiation, pesticides, and plastics - literally bonding with toxins and carrying them out of the body. 


Once the clay has primed the gut, the benefits are endless! Nearly all the ingredients that make our bodies function come through the gut. Week by week, your gut will improve and so will you. You'll be able to:

  • Actually absorb the nutrients from healthy food. 
  • Integrate probiotics - rather than just passing them through.
  • Send minerals to the other organs, which boosts every function of the body. 
  • Enjoy a vigorous immune system from strong blood and lymph.
  • Feel happier and more positive - because emotional health comes from balanced hormones, brain function, and the right colonies in the gut. 

Every Ingredient is Impeccable. Every Ingredient has a Function.


Immunity mineral cleanse the science

The Morning Mineral Shot:

Food grade four-clay blend, with chlorophyll, and organic peppermint oil. 

Chlorophyll: A superfood of the plant world, chlorophyll is proven to build the blood, repair the liver, and have anti-ageing properties. Peppermint: Proven to aid in digestion and fight infection. 

Medicinal Clay Blend: Our clay is sourced from deep veins of volcanic ash in the Mojave Desert and from other sacred spots on the earth. Unlike other clays available on the market, they come from deep (not shallow) mines and are meticulously tested for purity and mineral content. The clay isn’t treated by chemicals or “cleaned” like other clays from less pristine sources. It is air and sun dried to preserve its PH balance and anti-microbial properties. Then, we package it for you in sterilized bottles. We blend three celebrated varieties for the most beneficial profile of ionic bio-availability.

Herbal Elimination Supplement:

Senna, ispaghula, fennel, kelp, cornsilk, solomon seal, and rhubarb root 

The herbs in this supplement do more than stimulate elimination. They also have therapeutic properties that aid in the healing and regeneration of delicate intestinal cells. The effect is extremely gentle, which is why our blend can be taken longer than most laxatives. It is 100% herbal, free of chemicals, and preservatives.


Mineral Infusion Bath:

Ultrapure magnesium chloride flake

Magnesium is the oil to the engine of the body. It’s essential for strong immunity, nerve and muscle function, blood glucose levels, and hundreds of other vital processes. Up to half of all Americans are deficient in magnesium! Their symptoms range from poor immunity, fatigue, and mood disorders to stroke, heart disease, and osteoporosis. 

That’s why we include a strategic magnesium blast in the first few days of the cleanse. As a plus, it helps to relieve detox symptoms, if you have any. Magnesium is best absorbed transdermally (through the skin.) 

We are thrilled to offer the purest magnesium product on the market ! The flakes are mined in Japan, and are 30-60% purer than counterparts.